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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the minimum amount of bitcoins I can deposit?

The minimum amount you can deposit is 0.025 BTC.

What is the maximum amount of bitcoins I can deposit?

The maximum amount you can deposit is 2.5 BTC. We apologize to our users who think this is a low amount but please understand you are not mining blocks when running our platform, but instead mining the price rate of BTC itself.

What size miners fee should I send with my bitcoin deposit?

A proper size fee to send with your bitcoin deposit is at least 0.00005 BTC, assuming all the transacted BTC is coming from a single address. If the BTC is coming from multiple addresses then please use a minimum of at least 5 sat/byte (5 satoshis per byte). A higher than normal miners fee in this range ensures your bitcoins readily available to the trading bots even if the transaction is not yet confirmed by the blockchain. This allows the trading bots to get to work and start trading immediately.

What will happen if I send a miners fee that's lower than the recommended range?

We do not recommend this as it will cause the trading bots to wait for a confirmation from the blockchain before being able to start trading with your bitcoin. This will extend the 30 minute waiting stage by the additional time it takes to get 1 confirmation from the blockchain.

What determines the percentage of bitcoin profit I will make?

The percentage of bitcoin profit you make on your deposit is usually determined by how much you deposit. The larger the deposit amount, the larger profit you are capable of making. Essentially, a larger deposit means more flexibility for the trading bots when trading, therefore by giving the trading bots more flexibility, you increase your chances in achieving a higher profit during the 30 minute trade window. However, a bigger deposit doesn't always mean more profit, as we often see when trade times (the time of day during trading) can have a bigger impact.

What is the maximum amount of bitcoin profit I can make?

100% is the maximum amount of bitcoin profit that can be made with a single user deposit during the 30 minute trade window. If 100% profit is reached then the 30 minute trade window will end early.

How long is the waiting stage?

The waiting stage can never be longer than the 30 minute trade window.

What is the 30 minute trade window?

The 30 minute trade window is the 30 minute window, or time frame, in which the trading bots have time to trade with a single user deposit.

How long does it take for the platform to increase my bitcoin profit?

Once you have reached step 5 and the trading bots have started work, it won't take longer than 30 minutes to complete make on your deposit and find out how much profit you made. The maximum time the trading bots trade for with a single user deposit is 30 minutes, unless the BTC profit reaches its maximum of 100% increase.

Why am I only allowed to use once a month?

We get asked this all the time, which makes this a popular question! The main issue here is market price drop, and we don't want to be held responsible. Each time someone uses our platform the current price rate of BTC suffers whether anyone notices it or not. Essentially, when running our service, you are basically sucking bitcoins from the blood of bitcoin as there are no pools or blocks being mined here. This concept of mining is referrered to as "market price mining".

Do you charge anything to run the platform?

No, our service is completely free. You are granted 1 monthly opportunity to use our platform as long as you are in compliance with our Terms.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes we do! Please click here to see our referral page which contains all information and details to get you started in case you want to be apart of our referral program. It's a great way to make some extra bitcoin. Best of all, it's easy, fun, and free!

When was the platform last updated?

The platform was last updated on 2020-01-23 08:45:01 AM

Do you make anything when someone runs the platform?

We deduct a 1% fee which is taken from all profit that our trading bots make. However, this 1% is already deducted before you are shown your profit amount on the final step of the process.

Can I offer you some bitcoin for the ability to use the platform again?

We are terribly sorry but there is no amount that would encourage us to allow you to use it more than once per 30 days. We feel this is unfair to other users who are patiently waiting for 30 days to pass. We ask that you respect our 30 day rule and be patient like everyone else.

What is so special about the trading bots and how do they make additional bitcoin?

Well it's like this, anyone can easily say that there is nothing special about the trading bots, and all they are doing is playing the stock market game, but they would simply be educating untruthful information. The trading bots don't just trade, buy low, and sell high. They are coded to communicate with eachother and work as a team in order to successfully increase your bitcoin earnings. There is very good reason they need to do this. So, what are the trading bots all talking about? The usual, you know, shopping, games, just kidding! Haha! Hardly, the trading bots are constantly communicating about current market price of BTC at each exchange in which they operate at. These trading bots are coded to buy low from the bitcoin exchange market with the current lowest price rate for BTC, while then instantly selling to the market with the highest price rate for BTC. The platform currently has 268 trading bots in operation.

What will happen if the platform fails when attempting to increase my bitcoin profit?

In the event that our platform fails to increase your bitcoin profit, you will be sent back your full deposit amount to the payout address you provided during the first step of the process.

What if I share a computer with someone and we both want to use

That's all fine as long as one of you doesn't attempt to run again within the same 30 day period as this will get you permanently banned from using the platform. If you happen to share a computer with someone and both want to use the service within the same month, we suggest that you combine your bitcoins together and run once within a 30 day period. Remember, after a successful use of the service you must wait a full 30 days (30 x 24 hours = 720 hours) before attempting to run again.

What if I use the platform when coming from my own referral link?

This is not allowed! You cannot use your own referral link when using the platform. If you attempt to use the platform with your own referral link and you are caught by the system, the platform will fail to run and you will instead be shown an error message stating that you have forfeited your 1 in 30 days chance to use our free platform. At the same time your BTC deposit will be refunded back to the address it was sent from (minus a 0.0001 BTC minors fee).

What bitcoin exchanges do the trading bots trade on?

This is something our platform is always updating code on, but as of writing this, the trading bots currently trade within Coinbase, Kraken, Bitstamp, BitFinex, Cryptsy, BTC-E,, BTC China, CoinMKT, and MintPal. These are all bitcoin exchanges that our trading bots trade on.

Are you willing to sell the platform / scripts?

This is a question we get asked every so often and the answer will and always will be the same, no. There is no amount of money that will incline us to agree to sell our platform / scripts. We'd like to think that 1 free monthly use of the platform is enough to satisfy our users.

What if I lost my internet connection or my browser crashed while running the platform?

You will be receive payout regardless of losing your internet connection or your browser crashing as long as you've reached step 5 and trading bots have started work. While experiencing such failures may not allow you to visibly see what stage our platform is at with your bitcoins, rest assured as long as the trading bots have started work you will receive your payout just as soon as they finish. At this point you need to just be patient and wait for your payout (whether it be your original deposit amount or more) to arrive at the payout address you provided during the first step of the process.

What if all went successful but I didn't receive my payout?

If you happen to find yourself in this rare situation we ask that you contact support with your payout address, deposit address, and any screenshots of any errors experienced (if any), and we will help you get everything sorted.

Does a failed attempt still count as my one time monthly use of the platform?

No, only a successful completion of the platform can count as a valid monthly use of our service.

What is the best browser to use for

Google Chrome, Chromium, Firefox, Opera, Brave, Safari, Maxthon, Avant, Torch, Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft Internet Explorer are all great browsers that work very well with

What if I want to run the platform and someone else is already using it?

If someone else is already using the platform and you want to use it next, our system will simply place you next in the que line and you'll be next to use the platform, just as soon as the trading bots are done with the current deposit/user.

Aren't most bitcoin investment opportunities just scams trying to steal my bitcoins?

It's true, a lot of the time these bitcoin profit increasing concepts are scams. Ones that offer to double, triple, 5x, 10x, or 100x your bitcoin deposit are definitely scams. However, here at we have invented a platform that brings this quick bitcoin profit concept a reality. We admit that while we can't offer you as much profit as most of the others out there, but at least with us you're not going to be taken and have your bitcoins stolen, and at the same time you can make a decent amount of profit! Please be aware of fake imitators and always make sure you are logged onto and not one of our fakes.

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2020-01-23 06:47:22 1P9cadBR5GCYgGS3YweEhWNt6GxVH4hLZ3 -0.07024651 BTC +72 % +0.05057749 BTC 0.12082400 BTC
2020-01-23 06:35:04 1EWC3i13VeszhBuhR8QqVua1pa1JDqEXeV -0.08622780 BTC +71 % +0.06122174 BTC 0.14744954 BTC
2020-01-23 06:28:03 13Zmw4dSKLXmGZUzSQumy2PjHu8JtUWjuy -0.07364871 BTC +71 % +0.05229058 BTC 0.12593929 BTC
2020-01-23 06:05:07 13NmXwCjA2ZpcoE3s4tf3Mm65uxsHTQLuw -0.25347460 BTC +81 % +0.20531443 BTC 0.45878903 BTC
2020-01-23 05:51:46 17XXyLEDoxQrtmzQDZE3T5EEv5yu8BDiVD -0.30231813 BTC +77 % +0.23278496 BTC 0.53510309 BTC
2020-01-23 05:23:57 1PVgfHouuFBMG1arGBNVRVjSQmv2gxEtu7 -1.42625064 BTC +77 % +1.09821300 BTC 2.52446364 BTC
2020-01-23 05:08:46 1A5Kh5zjJC6cMnaem3NtHceQnRv6P7DCnj -0.06087821 BTC +82 % +0.04992014 BTC 0.11079835 BTC
2020-01-23 04:57:38 19gehPxbDoXuNFzLUEGYrkTrdZYdgDdQDL -0.07707356 BTC +77 % +0.05934664 BTC 0.13642020 BTC