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How It Works

Unlike the stock market, which is centralized, the value of bitcoin is constantly fluctuating, and each market has a different price rate for BTC, at all times. Bitcoin, being non-centralized, exchanges are independent, and the price rate for BTC is always different at each one. This makes it possible for's platform and it's advanced team of trading bots to make additional profit from your bitcoin. The platform uses a system consisting of several groups of uniquely coded trading bots where each group is logged onto a different bitcoin exchange at one time. The trading bots operate within the active trading pool so that user deposits don't require the needed of distribution amongst the dozens of bots. The tradings bots work as a team in order to buy bitcoin at the lowest possible BTC price rate and instantly sell it back to the bitcoin exchange with the highest possible BTC price rate. This quick (buy low here, sell high there) technique is done as many times as needed while constantly sharing information on BTC price rates.

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