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Bitcoin Profit Predictor

Here you may use our profit prediction tool in which calculates and analyzes several factors of data in order to try to predict the profit you make when running the platform. The purpose of this tool is to help you decide when will be the most profitable time out of 30 days to run the platform with your bitcoin. This tool has been rated 86.9247% accurate based on all past prediction data when compared to all past payout data. Meaning if you get 90% using this tool, then there is a 86.9247% chance that you will get the same percentage of profit after running the platform. Should you like the results you get here, you will want to run the platform immediately, and without delay.

Below is a list factors in which the profit predictor will analyze, consider, and weigh together in order to calculate an accurate prediction of profit.

You may use this tool as often as every 30 minutes

Input desired deposit amount:

Minimum: 0.01 BTC       |       Maximum: 2.5 BTC

HELP: Questions? See the FAQ for answers!

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